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World Class Destination like no other

Republic of Santa Claus

The Republic of Santa Claus will be the northernmost theme park in the world located just above the Arctic Circle. We have a strong focus on sustainability; our clean arctic nature. The food is locally sourced and consumed energy is renewable. 

 The theme park area will be divided into three different entities: Original Christmas, Snow Globe and Health & Wellness. You will get a hint of the magical land already when you reach the Wellcome Center.

The story begins

Welcome Center

Welcome Center is a gateway to a dream world like no other - it is the place where the most amazing journey of your life begins. 

In order to access the land, you will only need to get your e-citizenship verified. If you are not a citizen, then purchasing a visa is mandatory. A major part of the Welcome Center consists of a mall section that serves locals and tourists. Next, to it, you can see a marketplace called the Berry Center. It collects Finnish superfoods from all the suppliers and creates a showroom of the finest berries on earth. 

Welcome Center is a place where visitors get a hint of the undiscovered land of Santa. Here they can feel the spirit of the upcoming adventure!

Feel the spirit of Christmas

Original Christmas

The Christmas itself. Travel through time and space as you experience hundreds of years worth of culture and stories from different nations, each with its own flavour and appeal.

In this area, visitors can find many spectacular buildings like the Gingerbread houses and the Aurora hall. There is also the Christmas Tree Hotel; one of the landmarks of the Republic of Santa Claus. High-quality customer service will guarantee visitors’ ultimate holiday experience.

This is the place to enjoy a traditional Christmas with a twist of many cultures.

It's all about friends and family

The Snowglobe

The Snowglobe offers a window into childhood. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside of it? 

 A huge transparent dome covers hundreds of iconic small townhouses offering unique restaurants and hotel rooms. Through round-the-year artificial snowfall and northern lights, it creates a world like no other. 

This is the place to experience your most amazing childhood memories once again.

Rest your mind and your body

Health & Wellness

This is a place where you can enjoy the wonder of silence and peacefulness. Our ecological oasis is a magical self-treatment experience among most stunning nature. You stay at the spa hotel and enjoy an endless selection of yoga classes, massages, body, and skin care treatments and therapies. Don’t forget to visit the world´s biggest Sauna Village to try out all the different saunas. 

The unique dining experience is guaranteed by organic food and arctic berries, that has been served from our own Berry Center. Yes, you can also order the berries to your home!

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